What was the seamstress’s ailing son asking for?

What was the seamstress ailing son asking for?

He was asking for oranges but his mother had nothing to give him. The Happy Prince saw the poor lady and her son. He felt pity for them. So, he asked the swallow to pick out the ruby from the sword and give it to the seamstress.

What was seamstress son asking from the mother?

The little boy of the seamstress had the fever and was asking his mother for oranges, Option C. The little boy of the seamstress had the fever and asking his mother for oranges.

What did the Happy Prince ask the swallow to do with the gold on his body?

Answer: The Happy Prince asked the swallow to peel the gold on his body and give it to the children in the town which need the money.

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How did the Swallow give comfort to the son of the seamstress?

The Happy Prince asked the swallow to take the ruby out of his sword, where it was hidden and give it to the seamstress, whose son was lying on the bed with fever. The swallow took the ruby and placed it on the table.

What made happy prince cry?

Answer: The statue of the Happy Prince was weeping because when he had been alive, he had not known any sorrow. But after his statue had been erected, he was able to see all the ugliness and misery of the city, and even though he now had a heart of lead, he could still feel the pain, which made him cry.

What was wrong with the seamstress little boy?

Answer: He has a fever, and is asking for oranges. His mother has nothing to give him but river water, so he is crying. … When the swallow arrives at the poor house, Wilde writes that “[t]he boy was tossing feverishly on his bed, and the mother had fallen asleep, she was so tired.

Why was the little swallow filled with pity?

answer ❤ the swallow filled with pity because the eyes of the happy prince were filled with tears and tears were running down his golden cheecks . his face was beautiful in moon light.

Why did the swallow feel warmer after visiting the boy?

He did as the prince asked. Although the weather was cold, the swallow felt warm while returning. This was because the swallow helped the one in need & performed a good deed.

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Why did the Prince ask the swallow to stay?

Answer: the happy prince asked the swallow to stay because he wanted it’s help in helping more poor people of his country. he had seen the sorrow of people, and wanted to help as many people as he could.

Why did Happy Prince give away all his assist?

Answer: To eradicate misery and sorrow from his city.

Why does Happy Prince want to part with all the gold precious stones he has?

Answer: The happy prince want to part away with his gold and precious stones because the happy prince’s eyes was filled with tears when he saw the misery of the city and he do not want anymore to see the misery of the poor people . … The prince sent them all the gold leaves he had on his body.

What filled the eyes of Happy Prince with tears?

Answer : When the third drop of water fell on his wings, the swallow looked upwards and saw that the eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with tears, which were running down his golden cheeks. The drops of water were actually the tears of the Happy Prince.