When designing a printed magazine which page count is the best for saddle stitch binding?

What is the minimum page count for perfect binding?

The minimum page requirement is 28 pages and plenty of businesses and organizations use this method on a variety of printing projects because of its highly professional appearance and relatively low cost, in both short runs and larger order quantities.

How many pages can be staple bound?

Each method has a limit to how many pages it can bind. Here’s a quick run-through: stapled – up to 64 pages. perfect bound – up to 200 pages.

Is perfect binding expensive?

Are You on a Budget? Though perfect bound book binding is more expensive than saddle stitch, it offers a highly professional appearance at a fairly low cost. If you plan on reselling your books, choosing perfect binding can help you sell them at a higher cost because of the higher quality and durability it offers.

What page count is best for saddle stitch binding?

Saddle stitch binding is an ideal and economical choice for booklets with smaller page counts. We also recommend saddle stitch for publications with less than 92 pages. For page counts over 92 pages, we recommend perfect bound booklet printing.

Should perfect binding be divisible by 4?

It may be difficult to get text to perfectly line up if it is printed over the spine in other areas of the book. For staple bound booklets in general, the page count must be divisible by 4. This because each sheet of paper is printed double sided, and then folded in half to make 4 individual pages.

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