Which is the right shoulder seam?

What is the shoulder seam?

The shoulder seams are the points at which the sleeves meet the torso portion of the shirt. 4. Measure from seam to seam. Place the end of the tape measure at the top of one shoulder seam. Bring the tape measure straight across the top of the shirt until it meets the top of the second shoulder seam.

How do you adjust shoulder seams?

Measure out from the armhole end of the shoulder seam the distance you want to increase the shoulder width by. Square off the corner into a right angle, then redraw the rest of the armhole curve, blending into the original armhole. Transfer any markings from the original armhole to the new line, such as notches.

What is a drop shoulder fit?

The term “dropped shoulder” is often used to describe sleeves where the armhole position falls on the top of the arm area, in contrast to a set in sleeve where the armhole seam would sit right on top of the shoulder point. …

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