You asked: What can I sew with a knitted sweater?

What is sweater knit fabric used for?

Jersey knit fabric is a common textile used for making basic T-shirts. It is also perfect for draped garments like dresses and tops. It can come in any fiber, we stock wool, hemp, bamboo, and cotton. We also stock tencel, modal, rayon and a little polyester.

Can you sew on knitwear?

Your regular, conventional sewing machine has a lot of uses when sewing with knits. If you don’t have a serger, you can sew your seams on a conventional machine using a stretch stitch (more on that in a bit!).

What type of knit is a sweater?

Sweater knits come in a range of styles and patterns. Some are quite loose, made with fine gauge yarns in lacy eyelet patterns. Sometimes these types of knits are also referred to as “crochet knits” in stores because of their lacy look, though they are usually not crocheted.

Are all sweaters knitted?

Sweaters are most often made from knitted fabric, as opposed to woven materials. Knitted fabrics are stretchier and less prone to wrinkles, and different knitted patterns can be used to create interesting textures and styles.

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