Your question: Can you send figs back to get embroidered?

Can figs scrubs be embroidered?

A whole bunch! We offer text embroidery on most scrub tops, hoodies, jackets, lab coats, and vests, and offer icon and both icon and text embroidery on Core and Limited Edition Scrub Tops. You’ll see the “Add Embroidery” option on the product page if it’s offered on that style.

How long does figs take to ship with embroidery?

Embroidered FIGS will take up to two additional weeks to ship. *If expedited shipping is selected at checkout, your order will ship with 2-day shipping after a processing time of up to two weeks.

How long does it take for Scrubs to be embroidered?

Standard embroidered items typically take between 7-10 days to be completed. Custom items may take longer to complete.

Where do you put your name on Scrubs?

Personalized Name & Title

The first thing that everyone notices when you’re wearing scrubs or a lab coat is your name & title embroidered boldly on your chest.

How do I get free shipping on FIGS?

Currently, FIGS offers free shipping on orders of $50 or more. Refer a friend by email to buy FIGS products and they’ll receive a special FIGS promotion for $20 off their first purchase. Once they make their first purchase of $100 or more, then you’ll get a special FIGS promo code for $20 off!

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Do FIGS run big or small?

FIGS tend to run small, and as stated above—occasionally, FIGS scrubs are a little too snug for working in a healthcare setting. If you typically wear a size small, reviewers recommend you go up a size in scrubs but be forewarned, they may be too long.

How do I add a logo to FIG Scrubs?

How can I get my FIGS embroidered?

  1. First, head to the product page of the style you’re interested in and click the “Add Embroidery” option that’s right above the “Add to Bag” button.
  2. To add text embroidery, select “Add My Name” in the embroidery pop up, enter in your details and hit “Add”.

What side does embroidery go on Scrubs?

Your Name & Credentials

Your name should be embroidered on the right side of the coat (“right side” from the perspective of the wearer). Embroidery allows for approx. 25 characters, including your name and credentials.

How long does it take to order scrubs?

Customers should receive their order in 4-6 business days.